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LPP Sinhala

චූටි කුමාරයා / Chuti Kumaraya — in Sinhala, a native language of the Sinhalese people, who make up the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, numbering about 16 million. Sinhalese is also spoken as a second language by other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, totalling about four million. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. Sinhalese is written using the Sinhalese script, which is one of the Brahmic scripts.

Kutti Ilavarasan — in Tamil, a Dravidian language predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka. Tamil is an official language of two countries: Sri Lanka and Singapore and official language of the Indian state Tamil Nadu. Tamil is also spoken by significant minorities in the four other South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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