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Celtic Languages

Goidelic Languages


An Prionsa Beag, in an Irish Celtic language used in Ireland.


Scottish Gaelic

Am Prionnsa Beag, in Scottish Gaelic, a Celtic language used in Northern Scotland.


Brythonic Languages


Ar Priñs Bihan, in Breton (Brezhoneg). Breton is a Celtic language spoken in Brittany (Bretagne). Bretagne should remind you to Astérix the Gaul. But for me, it reminds me to my first journey overseas. Paris is the first city I visited, but then I spent one week in Bretagne: Lannion, Perros-Guirec, Pleumeur-Bodou, Guingamp, etc.



An Pennsevik Byhan — in Cornish. Cornish (Kernewek / Kernowek) is a Celtic language spoken in Cornwall, UK.



Y Tywysog Bach, in Welsh.