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Le Petit Prince in some e-Book editions:

  1. Berber: Ageldun Amectuh
  2. Berber: Agldun Amççan
  3. Bulgarian: Малкият принц
  4. Czechs: Malý Princ
  5. Esperanto: La Eta Princo
  6. French: Le Petit Prince
  7. Hungarian: A Kis Herceg
  8. Kotava: Sersikam
  9. Spanish:El Principito
  10. Uzbek: Kichkina Shahzoda
  11. Vietnamese: Hoàng Tử Bé

Warning: I am NOT the copyright owner of these e-Books. I just found them on the net, and somehow I believe that the contents are intended to be exposed freely on the net. Tell me if this condition is not applied to any book listed above.