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What’s This?

This site explores “Le Petit Prince” books. On this first step, this site will display LPP books, translated to some languages and cultures. Even only by viewing the map, we can see the cultural diversity of our planet.

Why Le Petit Prince?

Why not?

Why Le Petit Prince?

Surely I love books. I mean, who doesn’t? There are many inspiring books. LPP is one of the books most translated to many languages. It was relatively easy to start collecting LPP in some languages.

What’s so inspiring with Le Petit Prince?

A long story :). But try to read it. You will agree with me.

Why collecting books?

I have a theory why people start collecting. It involves a bad habit & bad reasoning. But I object to discuss it here. This site is about LPP, not about peculiar behaviour of adults.

How many editions have you collected?

You must be an adult who cannot enjoy the universe without thinking about those useless numbers.

Just mention it: how many …

I don’t know. I don’t find it necessary to count it. I am not a real book collector. I don’t find it necessary to count the books. Those numbers mean nothing. But surely I love “Le Petit Prince” and like to see it displayed in various expressions from many diverse cultures. Sometimes I try to read it as if we come from those different cultures or even from other planets, and feel amazed at the nuances of meaning appeared. We maintain a culture and live a life, instead of polluting it with uninteresting behaviours related to meaningless numbers.

Who is this Koen?

I am a simple engineer lives in Indonesia.

Did you also translate LPP to Indonesian Language?

Oh yes. Previously, Indonesian publishers had published at least 4 different translations of LPP. But for a reason I could not understand, those books are impossible to find anywhere — offline or online, new or even used. Meanwhile my fellows LPP lovers still want the Indonesian edition. So I translated it for them. Happily.

How could I find your Indonesian edition of LPP?

Click this cover:

Who is the collector with the most LPP books?

Who knows? Haha. But the collector with the greatest passion & commitment, I guess, is Jean-Marc Probst. Here’s his site:

How to contact you?

Poke me at Twitter: @kuncoro

Draw me a sheep!


Draw me a sheep!

No, thanks. I cannot draw.

It’s OK. Just draw me a sheep.

It could be a beginning of something bad …