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Нучӣкэ Принси

Нучӣкэ Принси / Nutshiike Prinsi — in Uilta language.

Uilta (уйльта), Ulta (ульта) or Orok is a language of the Manchu-Tungus family spoken in the Poronaysky and Nogliksky Administrative Divisions of Sakhalin Oblast, in the Russian Federation, by the small nomadic group known as the Orok or Ulta. The designation of Uilta may be related to the word ulaa which translates to «domestic reindeer».

The northern Uilta who live along the river of Tym’ and around the village of Val have reindeer herding as one of their traditional occupations. The group of southern Uilta live along the Polonay down the near city of Polonask. The two dialects come from northern and eastern groups, however having very few differences. The geographical spread of the language consists of the Sakhalin Province, Russian confederation, the Nogilkskiy District, and Poronayask. Some of the language contacts are Evek, Nivkhi, Ainu, Russian languages, and Japanese.

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