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  • Country: Ruthenia

Малий Прінц (Maly Printz) — in Rusyn language.

Rusyn or Ruthenian language (русиньскый язык, руски язик, руснацькый язык) is an East Slavic language spoken by Rusyns in several parts of Central and Eastern Europe, and written in the Cyrillic script. The majority of speakers live in Transcarpathia part of Ukraine, eastern Slovakia and southeast Poland; plus a sizeable linguistic island in the Vojvodina, Serbia. Rusyn is officially recognised as a protected minority language by Poland (where it is called Lemko), Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.

Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian, as well as American and some Polish and Serbian linguists treat Rusyn as a distinct language (with its own ISO 639-3 code), whereas other scholars (in Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, and Romania) treat it only as a dialect of Ukrainian. Ukraine denies separate ethnic and linguistic status of the Rusyn, unlike other neighbouring countries.

In the English language, the term Rusyn is recognised officially by the ISO. Other names are sometimes also used to refer to the language, mainly deriving from exonyms such as Ruthenian or Ruthene that have more general meanings, and thus (by adding regional adjectives) some specific designations are formed, such as: Carpathian Ruthenian/Ruthene or Carpatho-Ruthenian/Ruthene.

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