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  • Country: Poland

National Language — Polish

Mały Książę — in Polish

Mały Książę — in Polish

Polish Dialects

Książę Szaranek – in Wielkopolski dialect in a region named Greater Poland / Wielkopolska, which is a historical region of west-central Poland.

Ethnic Minority Languages

Mały Princ — in Silesian / Ślōnskŏ Gŏdka / Ślůnsko Godka / Slezština / Gwara Śląska / Wasserpolnisch, which is a West Slavic dialect, part of Lechitic group. Its vocabulary has been significantly influenced by Central German due to the existence of numerous Silesian German speakers in the area prior to World War II and after, until the 1990s. It is spoken in Upper Silesia and partly in Czech Silesia. While generally regarded as one of the four major dialects of Polish, it is sometimes classified as a distinct language.


Małi Princ — in Masurian ethnolect / Mazurská gádkä / Mazurski, a language spoken by Masurians in a part of East Prussia that is now in Poland.


Môłi Princ — in Kashubian language spoken in North-Central Poland. Kashubian or Cassubian is a West Slavic lect belonging to the Lechitic subgroup along with Polish and Silesian. Although often classified as a language in its own right, it is sometimes viewed as a dialect of Polish.


Малий Прінц (Maly Printz) — in Rusyn or Ruthenian language, which is a Slavic language spoken by the Rusyns of Eastern Europe, including Poland. The Rusyn variety of Poland is generally known as Lemko. In Poland, the Lemko community live in a stretch of the Carpathian Mountains known as Lemkivshchyna.

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