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  • Country: Timbuktu

Masadennin ā€” in the Bambara (Bamana) language, which is a lingua franca and national language of Mali, spoken by perhaps 15 million people, natively by 5 million Bambara people and about 10 million second-language users. It is estimated that about 80 percent of the population of Mali speak Bambara as a first or second language.

This book is a reprint of the a classical unfinished / incomplete translation of Le Petit Prince in Tamasheq, in 1958.

Tamasheq is a variety of the Tuareg languages, spoken by the Tuareg people, principally in the Timbuktu area. There are two divergent dialects: Timbuktu (Tombouctou, Tanaslamt) and Tadghaq (Kidal), both in Mali. The name Tamasheq is sometimes applied to the Tuareg languages in general.

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