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LPP Hungarian

A Kis Herceg, in Hungarian language.

Hungarian is another mystery. This language is extremely different to its neighbouring countries. I’ve read the history of many Eastern European nations. The fascination brought me to Budapest in 2014. A short and meaningful journey. I’ll tell you later on.

A Kis Herceg, in Hungarian language, written in the Old Hungarian script (Hungarian: rovásírás). Today Hungarian is predominantly written using the Latin-based Hungarian alphabet, but the Old Hungarian script is still in use in some communities. The Old Hungarian script is a child system of the Old Turkic alphabet.

O Cino Krajoro — in Romani language, which is a language of the Romani people belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. There are seven varieties of Romani that are divergent enough to be considered languages of their own. Some Romani communities speak mixed languages based on the surrounding language with retained Romani-derived vocabulary – these are known by linguists as Para-Romani varieties, rather than dialects of the Romani language itself. Since this book is published in Budapest, I put this book in Hungary section.

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